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Welcome to Adamant, thefanlistings.org approved fanlisting for Hakoda of the hit TV series, Avatar: the Last Airbender. Feel free to join! To find our more information on this fanlisting please check out the about section. This site works in all resolutions 800x600 or higher and in Internet Explorer and Mozilla Firefox.

12 members

Name E-mail Website Country Your favourite character ?
Pon De Replay www United States Zhao & Hakoda
Kira Marks www United States Hakoda
Konoko14 www Philippines Azula & Zuko
Keishakatara www Canada Azula
Jenny e-mail www United States Hakoda and Ozai
Danielle www Poland Hakoda
Hiccup www United States Many
Christina www United States sokka
Ivy www United States
Zutary13 www United States Katara
Nire www United States Hakoda
Amy e-mail www Australia

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